Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Headstage Arrow 12HE 3G & 4G



Automatic Power Adaptation with up to 12V Internal Voltage
Maximal 11V Output Voltage (Peak to Peak)
50 Hours Play Time in Lowest Power Mode (no voltage boost)
15 Hours Play Time in Highest Power Mode (12V)
Analog AD8397 Opamp in Output Stage
Three Selectable Gain Settings (6dB, 12dB, 19dB)
Ultra Tight Bass Boost (0dB, 9dB, 12dB)
Impedance Switch (0/20/65 ohm)
Öhmann Crossfeed (Off, Low, High)
Automatic ON/OFF Switch
High-Capacity 1200mAh/4.2V Lithium-Ion Battery
High Efficiency Battery Charging from USB Port
Two Audio Input Jacks
Two Headphone Jacks
Analog Volume Control (made by ALPS)
Low-Battery Indication (Slow and Fast LED Blinking)
4-Layer Circuit Board with two Ground Planes for Low Noise
Anodized Aluminium Enclosure with Laser Engraving
Size: 8.5mm x 56mm x 98mm (0.33'' x 2.20'' x 3.86'')
Weight: 75g


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