Thursday, October 09, 2014

(News) Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson

Liquid Crimson

With a smaller footprint and thinner profile, this amp is the most modestly-sized amp of the fleet, just 2.5 inches thin. It is a hybrid design with easy access to the single tube from the top of the amp. The tube cage is grated to allow ventilation and a warm-glow view of the tube in operation. You'll have two 1/4" TRS outputs for low and normal output, a single 4-pin single-ended XLR output, and two gain settings. With two line-level inputs, and a third RCA set as a loop-out, your kit's options expand. Delivering about 6 Watts per channel into 50R, there is plenty of power to effortlessly drive any headphone you throw at it with grace. It's a single-ended breeze.

Price: $2850

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