Friday, December 12, 2014

(News) Schiit Magni 2 & Modi 2

Schiit Audio

Magni 2. All-new discrete headphone amp with 1.2W RMS per channel (32 ohms) and switchable high/low gain, together with a refined constant-feedback gain stage. $99.

Magni 2 Uber. All-new discrete headphone amp with 1.5W RMS per channel (32 ohms), switchable high/low gain, preamp outputs, and even more sophisticated constant-feedback gain stage. Also includes new 24VA wall transformer (3x larger than Magni) and aluminum top chassis and knob. $149.

Modi 2. All-new USB asynchronous DAC with switchable USB Class 1 and Class 2 modes. USB Class 1 remains driverless for all supported computers, USB Class 2 adds 24/192 capability, but requires drivers for Windows. $99.

Modi 2 Uber. All-new USB, optical, and coaxial three-input DAC running full USB Class 2 for 24/192 capability through all inputs. Essentially a mini Bifrost. AC linear power supply with included 8VA wall transformer. Aluminum pushbutton and top chassis. $149.

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