Thursday, September 03, 2015

(News) Technics EAH-T700


Price: 90000 JPY
Release date: 01/22/2016

Headphone Type: Closed
Driver & Diaphragm: 50mm + Super Tweeter(ST),Advanced MLF + Aluminum
Frequency Response: 3Hz- 100kHz
Headphone Adjustment: Horizontal Slider /  Swivel,Headband Slider / Housing Tilt
Cord: 1.2m 4N-OFC / 3.0m 4N-OFC,3.5 -> 6.3mm adaptor,Balance connection Compatible

Features and Technologies:
  • Natural Sound-field with Angled-Driver  [AD] System
  • 100kHz High Resolution Sound with Super Tweeter
  • High Linearity 50mm Dynamic Driver
  • Floating Dynamic Driver & Anti-vibration Driver's Frame for Unnecessary Resonance and Vibration Elimination
  • Anti-reverberation Structure  with Speaker Plate and Ear Pads
  • 3D Ergonomic Ear Pads

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